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Our philosophy is simple: Provide international students access to accredited U.S. universities and give them the tools to succeed in and out of the classroom.

F-1 Visa Training

Students admitted a university receive our personalized F-1 visa training to prepare for their visa interview. Students are less nervous and better prepared to succeed before and during their interviews.

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We know that it can be difficult for international agents to place every student. We give options to your students by giving you access to multiple universities in the U.S. to fit their needs.

About Consortium Services

Consortium Services is a full-service international recruiting and outreach company. Our goal is to allow international students access to even the smallest universities. Hundreds and even thousands of international students are rejected each year by universities, leaving international students without options. We represent multiple small universities to give international students the best chance of finding a program or location that meets their career goals.

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