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Nelson Returns to India!

Nelson has been busy, busy, busy! Nelson gave his presentation in California and boarded a plane for India a day after! He spent the week visiting with agents and students to continue to build partnerships and let students know about the opportunities they could have while studying in the U.S. at United States University or […]

Nelson Padron to present on, “What Works & What Doesn’t in Recruiting” at the International Recruitment Bootcamp in San Diego, CA

The International Recruitment Bootcamp has invited Mr. Nelson Padron to present on, “What Works & What Doesn’t in Recruiting” during the conference held January 29th – 31st in San Diego, California.   Participants will learn the best practices needed to generate interest and enroll students in successful programs. Professionals from all over the world will […]

ICEF Miami 2016

The Boutique Universities Consortium will be at ICEF Miami on December 5th! Yes, another year of sponsoring the ICEF Dinner/Dance party for all attendees to dance (or try to dance). We will be in the same location within the conference hall and we welcome anyone to come visit with us. We represent schools around the […]

ICEF Berlin 2016

The Consortium Services team had a successful adventure at the ICEF Berlin 2016 conference. As anyone who has attended knows, we all lost our voices, meet with great people and stayed up too late. This year we attended with the goal of signing agents for our portfolio of schools, United States University, Newbury College and […]

Visit to the Catholic University of Costa Rica

While our trip continues in Costa Rica we were able to have a cordial meeting with Dr. Fernando Sanchez, the President of the Catholic University of Costa Rica. The Catholic University of Costa Rica is,”…recognized nationally and internationally as a Catholic university, oriented to the integral development of individuals, through continuous improvement of processes to ensure […]

Visit to the Universidad Autónoma de Centro América

Nelson was able to visit the Universidad Autónoma de Centro América to hold a exploratory dialogue around creating an articulation agreement with our schools. He met with Mr. Jerico Camino, the Director of International Affairs. The Universidad Autónoma de Centro América is known to be the oldest private university in Costa Rica. The mission of […]

Meeting with Universidad Hispanoamericana

This week we are able to spend time visiting students and universities in beautiful Costa Rica! Today Nelson had fun meeting with Dr. Alvaro Pazos the head of International Affairs at the Universidad Hispanoamericana. They held an exploratory conversation with hopes of creating an articulation agreement between universities. The mission and vision of the Universidad Hispanoamericana […]

#1 Reason for F-1 Student Visa Denial: False Address

The #1 reason for F-1 student visa denial: USING THE AGENT’S ADDRESS on the DS-160.  Have you had students that: Were denied their F-1 visa Were denied their F-1 visa (without being asked any questions) Students will immediately be denied their F-1 student visa if the address on the student’s DS-160 is not their personal address. […]

U.S. Education Department considers eliminating ACICS “national” accreditation for schools

There are a few form of accreditation in the U.S., but the two most common are “regional” and “national” accreditation. Regional accreditation is the highest form of accreditation a school can receive and most large schools are regionally accredited. National accreditation is a tier below regional and is usually held by smaller colleges. (Even though […]

U.S. Visa Process: I-20s, Translators, Relatives in the U.S.

How many I-20’s should a student have before applying for their visa? There is a common misconception that more is better. The myth that floats around says that four I-20s is the magical number. In reality, if you bring more than one I-20 with you to the U.S. Consulate, or apply for lots of I-20s, […]

U.S. Visa Process: Quotas, Trusted Agencies, J-1 visa and processing fees

Is there a limit of a quota as to how many F-1 visas can be issued? No, the U.S. Consuls can issue as many Visas as they have qualified applicants. How can I be an agent who will be trusted by the U.S. Consulate? The single biggest and most important thing you can do for […]

U.S. Visa Process: Common Rejections, Bank Statements & Associate’s degrees

What are the most common reasons students are denied their Visas? The most common reason a student is rejected is if the consular officer believes that the applicant is not a legitimate student. If the student cannot explain why they want to attend school at the university they chose or do not know much about […]

U.S. Visa Process: Small Universities & Re-applying

If a student has low test scores (GRE, TOEFL etc) and are approved to go to a small university, what are tips for the Visa interview? It cannot be stressed enough that honesty is the best policy when you are applying for a visa. You are not trying to trick the visa officer into giving […]

U.S. Visa Process: ESL Preparation & Agents

What can an ESL student do to be prepared for the Visa Interview? These are actually the easiest Visas to get for legitimate students, and have the highest approval percentage. This is because they are cheaper and shorter than a full course of study. This will mean the student will not need as much financial […]

U.S. Visa Process: Denial Reason & OPT programs

What if a Visa Officer denies an application but does not give a reason why when they are asked? This is illegal. The Visa Officer will need to explain why the application was denied in their report and so will have a specific reason why it was refused. It is entirely within your rights to […]

U.S. Visa Process: Sponsors & Supervisory Reviews

Are their specific categories of Sponsors? Can anyone be a sponsor? A sponsor can be anyone, or any number of persons, that want to sponsor the student. They can take the form of an individual, a friend, a family member, a company or an organization. One young man currently attending our schools was sponsored by […]

U.S. Visa Process: Rejection and Preparation

Why are students rejected, even if they meet the requirements and have sufficient funds? The most common reason a student will be denied their visa is if the Consular officer feels that the student intends to illegally immigrate to the United States. If an individual is looking to obtain an F-1 visa and then stay […]

U.S. Visa Process: Basic Requirements

What are the basic requirements a student needs in order to be approved for a visa? The requirements for a Visa are simple, and if the student takes the time to be prepared, they will have no trouble getting through the Visa process. First, and the most important requirement of students is to have a […]

U.S. Visa Process: How many students get approved?

Once a student has completed their prerequisites, has saved up enough money and completed the application process, the next step is to acquire a Visa. This can be a daunting task for a prospective student and students often have numerous questions. Recently, agents and student representatives met with former U.S. Vice Consul, Josef Merrill, and […]

Scholarships at Newbury

Perhaps the most common concern prospective students feel is if they can afford education. When international students are admitted to Newbury, they are notified of their scholarships! So before you commit to a university, wait to see what kind of scholarship you’ll receive from Newbury College. With dynamic merit-based scholarship opportunities, Newbury College seeks to […]

Computer Science at Newbury College

Program Highlight Newbury College: Computer Science by: Juanita Rico, May 24, 2016 Computer science is a field that has been growing rapidly these past few years. This industry is projected to grow more than any other industry over the next 10 years. If you have a student that has an interest in computer science, you […]

Why small schools join consortiums

Do you know the recommendation made to small universities by international recruiting agents?  One major recommendation made to small universities at ICEF conferences is for small universities to band together in a group or “consortium” to make international recruiting simpler, faster and cheaper for each school. This can benefit a small university by giving them: […]

USU MBA: Get Ahead in an Evolving, Global Economy

by Shane Riggs, May 9th, 2016 Of the many premier programs offered at United States University, the MBA stands a cut above the rest. Features include: Flexible schedule Small classes Expert instructors Work programs (CPT) An MBA refines a leader in the business world. An MBA from United States University will elevate students and give them […]

Understanding the application

by Juanita Rico, May 9th 2016 The United States is a great place for international students.  There are thousands of schools and programs to choose from that are suitable for all types of students. Picking which schools to apply for should be the easy part. However, most student cringe when they think of the application process […]

Boutique Universities @ ICEF Toronto

The Boutique Universities Consortium is at ICEF Toronto from May 11th – May 14th to meet education agents and universities. Emma Morris and Rosanna DePinto are at booth 43 representing our universities. Consortium Services sponsors ICEF conferences around the world. ICEF is a conference held in multiple cities throughout the year where education agents, universities […]

Newbury College brings more undergraduate programs to the consortium

Consortium Services is proud to announce Newbury College as our newest Consortium member. They are located in Boston, Massachusetts, ranked one of the best cities in the world for education. Newbury College offers a lot of undergraduate degrees that appeal to a wide student body. Everything from culinary arts to marketing, interior design to psychology […]

Consortium visit to South Korea and China

Josef Merrill is working his way through South Korea and China in the next two weeks to meet with education agents and students about our US universities and MBA programs. He has started in South Korea and will be in: Seoul March 2nd – 4th, Gwangju/Naju 광주/나주 March 5th- 6th Pusan 부산 March 7th His […]

New LCIBS visa requirements

Thanks to a recent shift in U.K. visa policy the London College of International Business Studies has updated it’s student policy. Before LCIBS was able to issue documentation for visiting students to student in the U.K. for the full length of a program (four years or so). Currently the U.K. has tightened it’s stance on […]

5 ways to set a goal you might actually reach

The beginning of the New Year is the time when we set huge, life changing goals for 2016…and then forget about them. But it’s probably time to break that cycle because you’re an adult and supposed to be responsible (most of the time). First, your new goals need to follow a few simple rules. Usually […]

UBIS Representative to visit Arusha and Dar es Salaam.

University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) wishes to announce that one of our Professors/ UBIS Representative for the African Region is currently visiting Arusha and Dar es Salaam. The Professor will be in Arusha from December 2-5 and Dar es Salaam from December 7-9. Other events in East Africa will take place as follows: […]

UBIS Recruits Professor Olugbenga (Gbenga) Olowoye

UBIS is proud to announce the recruitment of Prof Gbenga Professor Olugbenga (Gbenga) Olowoye started his career in the food industry in 1986 and had several career changes in FMCGs, Commodities, Finance and Business Development. In the last ten years he has been consulting for CEOs, academics, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, artists, activist, etc, in Organisational […]

UBIS Partners with Hamayesh Farazan in the Islamic Republic of Iran

NEW PARTNERSHIP IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN UBIS has established key partnerships with over 40 leading universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa as well as corporate partners, providing students, working professionals and faculty with a more global view of the educational and work landscape. In that regard, UBIS is proud to […]

1 Reason We Love Education

This letter was given to our VP of International as we was travelling through Brazil visiting student fairs. It’s safe to say that this is why we love education. “Good morning, I’m the Adviser from the EducationUSA Fair . I’m not sure if you remember me. I live in Brazil, next to Venezuela. During the […]

University of the Potomac in Brazil

Brazil! Land of sun, samba and some of the happiest people on earth! The University of the Potomac was in Brazil this past 10 days with the EducationUSA tour. The tour visited cities such as San Paulo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro. At each stop more that 3,000 students packed into the conference rooms to […]

UBIS’ global reach; MBA program at Myanmar Metropolitan College

If studying in Switzerland wasn’t interesting enough for you, the University of Business and International Studies also has partnerships in over 20 different countries. One of those programs is at Myanmar Metropolitan College. Ryan C. Khoaz, the Academic Partnership Specialist at UBIS let us in on how this works: “UBIS is currently in partnership with MMC […]

Studying Public Relations at LCIBS

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” -PRSA Public relations professionals are some of the most versatile and useful people to employ. They learn the art of communications, marketing. advertising, writing, design, and much more all within one program. Contrary to popular believe, “liking people” […]

A degree from Switzerland & the U.S., at the same time!

  The University of Business and International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland offers one of the coolest programs imaginable, a dual Swiss/U.S. degree! It doesn’t cost anything extra to get it! Here’s how it works: You apply to a UBIS business program and complete a majority of the courses. You also take a couple of courses from the […]

What is a “Short Programme” from LCIBS

One unique thing about the London College of International Business is how flexible its classes and schedule are. Let’s say you want to study marketing because you need a little experience or you want to add to your education. You can easily study at LCIBS to quickly get the experience or education that you need. […]

What’s it like to study Business Management from LCIBS?

If you watch TV or any type, you’ve probably realized that the world is now obsessed with the business world. From shows like Mad Men to Suits, people love to know what happened in the business world, even if some of it is imagined and overdramatic! But in reality studying business is one of the […]

Why university students are choosing international studies

This post first appeared on http://www.ubis-geneva.ch/ and was written by DIANE ALEXIS MUELLER on MARCH 28, 2014. University programs with a strong international focus are known to attract students from various backgrounds. These programs when structured properly, find ways of incorporating a global view into the core curriculum, giving students exposure to different cultures and ways of […]

How does LCIBS work?

The British education system is different than the system in the United States and this causes confusion for some people. It’s quite simple when it’s all drawn out. Children are required to be in school until age 16. After that, a student can choose to continue their education for another two years, during which they typically […]

Students can now study Information Technology, Healthcare and ESL at the University of the Potomac

This post originally appeared as a press release from the University of the Potomac. Read it here.  University of the Potomac, a regionally accredited school with campuses in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and online, announced that it is launching new degree programs this fall: Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Healthcare Administration, Bachelor […]

Preparing Chinese students for life in the UK

LCIBS, the London College of International Business Studies traveled to China recently to formalize the launch of a foundation programme in Wuxi. At the same time they attend several student and agent fairs in Changsha and Wuhan (about 800 km inland from Shanghai). Jolly Li, an educational consultant and former business development director for LCIBS accompanied […]

If you want a student visa, don’t do this…

  [FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS] Misconceptions about methods to obtain a visa: some students have expressed the false beliefs that the more I-20s they bring to the U.S. embassy, the better chance they have to be issued a visa. This concept is completely false. In fact, the more I-20s a student brings to the embassy substantially decreases […]