University of Business and International Studies

Geneva, Switzerland



The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) is a Swiss private university which is part of the US Hamilton White Group. UBIS is centered in Geneva, Switzerland, arguably one of the most influential business capitals of the world. UBIS offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations as well as Industry Specific Programs customized to the ever- changing marketplace. Our online as well as fast track specialized programs enable the brightest business minds of tomorrow to easily start their studies today. And the ability to receive a dual degree (US/Swiss) means our students can immediately stand apart.



UBIS has official campuses in Geneva, London and Washington D.C.

UBIS gives you the choice of physically studying in Geneva, London and Washington D.C. – or to study online.

In addition to its main campuses and as part of our continued commitment to innovation, UBIS has established key partnerships with leading universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, to provide students, working professionals and faculty with a more global view of the educational and work landscape.

We are proud to offer exchange programs and dual degrees in conjunction with schools and universities in many countries around the globe.

Student Services

A student’s monthly budget amounts to approximately CHF 1,800.

Here are the fees that should be listed:

  • Food – CHF 500
  • Medical Insurance (required) – CHF 100
  • Transport – CHF 100
  • Other – CHF 150
  • Accommodation – CHF 950

Geneva has a long university tradition and therefore rooms for students are available all over the town. The typical monthly rent ranges from about 800 CHF ($849.00 US) for a small room with minimum amenities up to 1200 CHF ($1,256.00 US) and more for a studio.

We will provide assistance. However, we also encourage you to be proactive in looking for residences.


Geneva is linked to Europe’s capital cities by its international airport, motorways and railway network.
Geneva, an environmentally conscious city, has pursued a policy of limiting automobile use in town.

However distances are short and all destinations in the city are readily accessible by the excellent public transport system. During rush hour, buses and trams run every few minutes. The buses also connect with destinations in neighboring France. The railway station in the middle of the city connects the traveller to major European cities. The high-speed French TGV train and the Italian Pendolino make the trip to Paris or Milan in a minimum of time.

International Student Tuition Grants & Scholarships

Eligible students may receive up to 25% based on a student’s real financial need, as established by their supporting documentation. All financial grant awards require that a student earn and keep a cumulative GPA; a minimum of a C (2.0) average for undergraduates and a B (3.0) average for graduates.

Academic Merit Scholarships are evaluated through presentation of a student’s transcript(s) and diploma(s). Undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of B+ (3.3) and Graduate students with a cumulative GPA of A- (3.7) may be considered for academic merit based scholarship awards. These awards are equal to 50% of the annual tuition costs for full-time enrollment and may be granted to new UBIS students for the entire length of studies, on the condition that the student maintains the same GPA as stated above, for the duration of their studies.

UBIS Student Application Form

International Application

  • Completed Application Form
  • CHF 100 Application Fee
  • All transcripts/diplomas (translated)
  • Proof of English
  • Proof of Financial Funds
  • Two passport photos
  • Copy of passport with photo
  • Study Plan
  • Motivation Letter
  • CV/Resume

English Requirements

IELTS: 6.0+
TOEFL: 78+

Student Start Dates

  • Module A 04th Jan 2016
  • Module B 29th Feb 2016
  • Module C 02th May 2016
  • Module D 27th June 2016
  • Fall Break 24th Aug 2016
  • Module E 29th Aug 2016
  • Module F 24th Oct 2016

In addition to the classical in-class or on-line modes, courses can also be delivered in “blended” mode, where a tutor complements the online modules with in-class sessions. This mode allows for very flexible schedules that are particularly appropriate for students who work part-time, as well as for executives and for working adults.

Tuition Rates

  • Program Level
  • On-Campus Undergraduate
  • Online Undergraduate
  • Undergraduate (Top-Up)
  • On-Campus Graduate
  • Online Graduate
  • Graduate (Dual/Executive MBA)
  • Industry Specific Program
  • 1 Credit
  • CHF 650
  • CHF 490
  • CHF 560
  • CHF 625
  • CHF 490
  • CHF 730
  • Total: CHF 7900
  • 3 Credit
  • CHF 1950
  • CHF 1470
  • CHF 1680
  • CHF 1875
  • CHF 1469
  • CHF 2190
  • $2700